Packaged Room Furniture




Special Item Numbers 71-204, 71-205
Maximum Order Limitation $ 5,000,000.00, for purchases above $5,000,000.00 contact the Contract Administrator at 800-641-0304
Minimum Order NONE
Geographic Coverage Worldwide
Point of Production Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas 76063
(20 miles south of the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex)
Discount Prices shown here are net F.O.B. Mansfield, Texas 76063
Quantity Discount $ 200,000.01 - $ 400,000.00 - 1/2 of 1%
$ 400,000.01 - $ 600,000.00 - 1%
$ 600,000.01 - $ 800,000.00 - 2%
$ 800,000.01 - $ 1,000,000.00 - 3%
$ 1,000,000.01 - $ 3,000,000.00 - 4%
$ 3,000,000.01 - $ 5,000,000.00 - 5%
Prompt Payment Terms Net 30 Days
Government Credit Card Visa, MasterCard
Foreign Items None
Time of Delivery 60 to 90 days
Overnight and 2-day delivery Items for expedite delivery are noted in the price with an asterisk* 
Urgent Requirements Call Contract Administrator at 1-800-641-0304 for urgent requirements.
Overnight and 2-day delivery Available only for hardware and/or parts stocked in inventory.
Packaging Up-Charge Items are wrapped in plastic and/or cardboard for truckload shipment. For regular carton requirements (less than truckload shipment and/or on request for extra protection) a 4% up-charge will be added to the item.
F.O.B. Point Mansfield, Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth area). The lowest possible shipping charges will be added to the invoice as a separate item. We will quote freight costs on request before you order.
Order and Payment address Rodco-Brandt, 600 S. 2nd Ave., P.O. Box 270 Mansfield, TX 76063
Warranty 36 months from date of shipment (details).
Export packing charges For overseas and/or container shipments, request pricing. 
Terms and conditions of government purchase card acceptance See above under Government Credit Card
Rental, Maintenance, Repair Call Contract Administrator
Terms and Conditions of Installation Call Contract Administrator
Terms and Conditions of other services N/A
List of service and distribution points N/A
List of participating dealers N/A
Preventative maintenance N/A
Environmental attributes Low emission finishing system, minimum cartoning and energy efficient lights are available on request.
Data Universal Number System DUNS Number 16-765-9283
Central Contractor Registration 167659283-OEMD8


Contract Administrator



Juergen Richter, Telephone 800-641-0304



NSN Package Program:


Packaged Rooms


National Stock Number


Total Package Price


Core Sleeping Room 7105-01-429-0466 $ 1,077.67
Alternate Sleeping Room - "A1"  7105-01-429-0706 $ 1,569.16
Alternate Sleeping Room - "A2" 7105-01-429-0505 $ 1,671.72
Alternate Sleeping Room - "A3"
(two person room)
7105-01-429-0651 $ 3,382.68
Alternate Sleeping Room - "A4"
(two person room)
7105-01-429-0730 $ 3,587.68
Alternate Sleeping Room - "A5"
(two person room)
7105-01-454-5351 $ 3,100.54


Core Sleeping Room 7105-01-429-0543 $ 1,093.00
Alternate Sleeping Room - "B1" 7105-01-429-0673 $ 1,552.16
Alternate Sleeping Room - "B2" 7105-01-429-0432 $ 1,421.18
Alternate Sleeping Room - "B3" 7105-01-429-0496 $ 2,129.09
Alternate Sleeping Room - "B4" 7105-01-429-0585 $ 2,376.68


Core Suite 7105-01-429-0589 $ 2,536.95
Alternate Suite - "C1" 7105-01-429-0465 $ 3,322.37


Warehousing Cost:

The Contractor agrees to negotiate this service on a need be basis between the customer and himself should the situation arise that warehousing is required.

Administrative Fee:

This fee will be negotiated between Rodco-Brandt and the customer on a case by case basis.


All items offered are currently available under Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule Contracts. The above furniture lines offered by Rodco-Brandt are covered under GSA Contract No. GS-27F-2008 B, Schedule 71-1-H Dormitory and Quarters Furniture. All accessory items offered are pulled from existing GSA schedules. The contract information for the accessory products available are on the next page.